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Ofsted Care rates Mary Hare School as 'Good'

In early January Mary Hare School was inspected by Social Care Ofsted.  This is an annual inspection that examines how Mary Hare looks after its pupils in residential care.  We are delighted to share that the inspectors gave the School an overall judgement of ‘good’.

The full report is available on Mary Hare’s website, but here are some of the highlights of the findings:

"Children speak powerfully of the journey from mainstream education into specialist provision, which for some has been a challenging and protracted process.  They highlight a sense of belonging, the value of a shared experience and the strong friendships and bonds that they make with other children."

"Inclusivity and acceptance of difference are championed across all areas of the school.  Children spoke of a safe place where they could express their identities confidently and safely."

“Children have trusted and secure relationships with the adults who are looking after them. Staff know the children well. They listen to them, spend time with them, protect them and promote their welfare. Children have a strong sense of community and belonging.”

Robin Askew, Principal of Mary Hare School said:  “I am very proud of the residential care at Mary Hare School.  We have a team of dedicated professionals who ensure every young person is safe, happy and thrives in a ‘home from home’.  It is never easy for parents to accept that their child might have to go to a school that is too far away to be able to go home at the end of the school day.  But I know that those who choose to do so see the benefits of the specialist help and support we provide.”

One of the parents shares their response to the report: "I am very pleased with the boarding at Mary Hare. It gives Ollie that home from home feeling. Ollie gets on well with the care staff and is happy to speak to them with any concerns."