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Somewhere over the rainbow

Coronavirus has impacted the ability for people to make music together all over the world, but still groups have been finding a way using technology in their own homes.

School teachers have carried on holding virtual choir rehearsals, orchestras have rehearsed pieces online and many of them have recorded and edited their work to share, so that people might be inspired and still enjoy the art of music making. 

Music is a vital part of the Mary Hare curriculum as well as extra curricular.  Each year the school  puts on a performance which, this summer, was going to be The Wizard of Oz.  Mary Hare staff volunteer their time for the summer performance and pupils rehearse studiously to make sure their performance is as best as it can be.

In the current situation, it seemed fitting to try our own version of 'Somewhere over the Rainbow', as the rainbow has been adopted as a symbol  of hope and thanks to all those working hard to keep us safe.

Staff decided to put this piece together.  Taking part are Simon Thompson (Vice Principal), Dave Davies (Head of Science), Emma Kennett (Head of Performing Arts), Cathy Bowker (Music Therapist), Nasser Bouzida (Music Technician and Peri Teacher),  Paul Symes (Vocational Student Support Worker ), Alex Ayling (Science Teacher), and Sarah Youd (Science Technician).

Well done to all for producing such a lovely piece which we hope will be enjoyed by many.  

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