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Students speak at anti-bullying event at the House of Lords


On Tuesday 15 November Jasmine and Marcie were invited to speak at the House of Lords as part of Anti-Bullying Week.

The theme for this year's #AntiBullyingWeek is Reach Out. Jasmine has been working with the Anti-Bullying Alliance to become an Anti-Bullying Ambassador for Mary Hare School and has attended monthly meetings since March and has taken part in devising anti-bullying training for teachers, providing advice on how to combat bullying in schools, and has taken an active role in planning Anti-Bullying Week. In her speech to politicians and stakeholders, Jasmine shared her experiences of bullying and the value of taking part in the programme.

Marcie has been selected as a Mary Hare Anti-bullying Champion, and also had the chance to speak at the Palace of Westminster to share her personal experiences and the impact that bullying has young people in the short and long term.

Mary Hare's engagement in the Anti-Bullying Ambassador programme has been coordinated by Tony Trigwell-Jones (Head of Year 10) who describes our involvement: 

"With so many children and young people affected by bullying across the country, it is essential that we work hard in trying to eradicate it. Last year we joined the Anti-Bullying Alliance's United Against Bullying, with the aim of becoming an official Anti-Bullying School. This includes everything from improving policies and procedures, to organising school-wide events, raising awareness and, ultimately preventing bullying at Mary Hare."

Marcie and Jasmine confidently spoke to a room of 60 prominent people in education and government, from across the country, including Children's TV presenter Andy Day and Baroness Sal Brinton, who took the time to speak to them afterwards, congratulating them on their powerful and affecting speeches.

We are incredibly proud of Jasmine and Marcie for having been selected to speak at the Houses of Parliament - they are a credit to Mary Hare School.