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Teachers from Czechia spend time at Mary Hare School


This month Mary Hare welcomed special visitors from Czechia, who spent the week at the school to take a look around our facilities and to learn a little bit more about our approach to learning and supporting deaf young people.  

Mirka, Andrea and Adela are all teachers at Voš, Sš, Zš A Mš Štefánikova, Hradec Králové, which is a school that supports students from ages 3 to 19, with some students staying up until the age of 26. Pupils that attend their school include deaf young people and other additional educational needs such as autism and ADHD. They shared with us their experience of their week at Mary Hare. 

Why did you choose to come and visit Mary Hare? 

We wanted to come to Mary Hare as we were enthusiastic to learn about how students are taught, including the communication with the pupils and the school’s approaches and methods to teaching.  

What has this week been like? 

Really busy! Here the lessons are a little bit longer, although the days are shorter than at our school. We have taken so many notes and have been really impressed by the equipment here too. We’ve really enjoyed it, and we look forward to sharing our experience with our colleagues and see if we can implement these ideas at our school.  

Any particular highlights from this last week? 

That profoundly deaf children can speak! Our deaf children usually sign only. We enjoyed the Maths lesson as it was active with games,  and we are impressed with the way the classrooms are equipped. The music lesson was also great as it was full of energy!  We would love to welcome some colleagues at Mary Hare to come and visit us!