What difference will it make?

What will we achieve?

The benefits to our young deaf pupils will be considerable:

  • an optimised acoustic teaching and learning environment using latest building technologies which will allow our pupils to make even greater progress, both academically and socially;
  • comfortable, accessible and welcoming residential accommodation which allows parents and pupils to overcome the understandable anxiety that they may feel about boarding at such a young age;
  • a better working environment for teaching and care staff;
  • the ability for Secondary and Primary staff to share expertise and good working practices.
  • a marked decrease in the cost of heating, cleaning and maintaining the new buildings/grounds;
  • cost and time savings from no longer having to transport the Primary pupils across Newbury to access facilities on the Secondary Site, allowing staff to focus on the teaching or care of pupils;
  • greater collaboration between members of staff across the Primary and Secondary schools.

What will be harder to measure is the number of people who have been helped indirectly by the new School.  Obviously, the parents of a deaf child are indirect beneficiaries – especially if their son or daughter is struggling.  Brothers and sisters of a deaf sibling may also benefit as parents tend to pay more attention to the child with special needs in the family, especially if there are difficulties with their education.

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Appeal brochure