Articles and publications by a Mary Hare member of staff

Sensory Support Training at Mary Hare Courses
BATOD, September 2021
Helen Nelson, Joy Rosenberg and Sarah Davis

Count on Words, a summary  
BATOD, June 2021
Rachael Lethbridge

Minding the gap between clinical and educational audiology
ENT and Audiology News, 2020
Joy Rosenberg

What is Count on Words?
SEN Magazine, April 2021
Rachael Lethbridge

Decision Making at a Time of Crisis
ATP Today, February 2021
Vic Rocca

What's new in Educational Audiology?
BATOD Magazine, January 2020
Joy Rosenberg, SOE Partner, Mary Hare and Lisa Bull

Professional registration for Educational Audiologists now open
BATOD Magazine, October 2019
Joy Rosenberg, SoE Partner, Mary Hare

Developing Vocabulary in Maths
BATOD Magazine, October 2019
Rachael Lethbridge, Numeracy Coordinator, Mary Hare

Effective Transition from Home/Pre-School to School
BATOD Magazine, March 2019
Helen Nelson, Head of Courses, Mary Hare

SALT Terminology
BATOD Magazine, November 2018
Lorna Gravenstede
Specialist Speech and Language Therapist & Head of Burwood Centre

Lego Therapy: building language and communication skills
Amy Smith, Speech and Language Therapist, Mary Hare School

Educational Audiology – Empowering Families Using Technology Hearing
Rosenberg J (2018) : Across the Lifespan Conference, Lake Como, IT

"Sport saved my life" but "I am tired of being an alien!" Stories from the life of a deaf athlete
Thomas Irish, Francesca Cavallerio, Katrina McDonald

Educational Audiology: adding value, bridging gaps.
ENT and Audiology News. 25:4 
Rosenberg J (2017)

Online research methods resources: their impact on students' research capability and self-view
Amanda Roberts, School of Education
Joy Rosenberg, SoE Partner, Mary Hare School
UH Annual Learning and Teaching Conference 28 April 2017

Mental Health and Wellbeing: 10 Practical tips for Teachers of the Deaf
Charlie Hadley, Well-being Co-ordinator, Mary Hare School

The Engagement of Teachers of the Deaf in continuous professional development
As cited in Lamb B (2017) The Future of the Sector. Department of Education.
Helen Nelson, Head of Courses, Mary Hare

Supporting literacy, numeracy and well-being for deaf children in low-resource environments
Joy Rosenberg and Chris Haigh

Innovations in bridging the gap: Exploring training needs and outcomes in Educational and Clinical Audiology and Early Years Intervention
As cited in Lamb B (2017) The Future of the Sector. Department of Education.
Joy Rosenberg, MEd, AuD, PFHEA

Acoustics, listening and learning MESH Guide: translational Research to improve signal to noise ratios
Joy Rosenberg, Mary Hare/University of Hertfordshire
Roger Turner, RDT Consultancy/MirandaNet Foundation
Ann Underwood, BATOD Foundation Trustee
Stuart Whyte, University of Southampton Auditory Implant Service

MESH guides, translational research in deaf education practice
International Journal of Technology and Inclusive Education (IJTIE) Volume 5, Issue 2, Dec. 2016
Joy Rosenberg, Roger Turner, Anne Underwood, Stuart Whyte: University of Hertfordshire and University of Southampton

TOD training at Mary Hare
BATOD Magazine May 2016
Helen Nelson, Head of Courses, Mary Hare

Adding value - becoming an Educational Audiologist
BATOD MAgazine May 2016
Joy Rosenberg, Mary Hare

TODs' CPD Study
BATOD Magazine January 2016
Helen Nelson, Head of courses, Mary Hare

Specific Language Impairment and Deaf Children
Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists Bulletin, July 2015
Lorna Gravenstede, Speech & Language Therapist, Mary Hare
Katherine Clements, Head of Speech & Language Therapy, Mary Hare

Using LIFE-R as a tool to evaluate the classoom listening experiences of FM users and develop their self-advocaly skills
Chris Haig

MESH Guides - bringing research to practice in education of the deaf
Joy Rosenberg, Mary Hare, partnered with the University of Hertfordshire

Tinnitus in children: Practice Guidelines
BSA March 2015
This practice guidance was produced on behalf of the BSA as the result of the collaborative efforts of the Paediatric Tinnitus Working group.  This group was composed of experts from a variety of speciialist fields, including Joy Rosenberg, Mary Hare.  the full list of collaborators is included a the end of the report.

Deafness and language....delay or disorder?
Laura Baker, Katherine Clements, Lorna Gravenstede, Victoria Grey, Gemma Moore and Katie Prieto
BATOD Magazine January 2015

Taking over at Mary Hare: Peter Gale the new Principal of Mary Hare School takes this opportunity to present the school to BATOD colleagues.
BATOD Magazine November 2014

The use of visual phonics by hand in an oral setting
Karen Hardwicke, BATOD Magazine March 2014

Phonological awareness and deaf children
Lorna Gravenstede, BATOD Magazine March 2014

With the success of cochlear implants, are speech and language therapists still needed?
Katherine Clements, Specialist Speech & Language Therapy, Head of Department

Tablet devices and their benefits for deaf children
Claire Whittaker, BATOD Magazine January 2014

2013 CRIDE report
Ear Aid Nepal
Joy Rosenberg, Clinical Scientist, Mary Hare
Jenny Griffin, Audiologist, Manchester Royal Infirmary
David Blakeman, Trainee Clinical Scientist, Brighton & Sussex, University Hospitals UK
ENT & Audiology News July/August 2013

Technology to support learning
Viv Ogg, Simon Thompson, Katherine Clements, BATOD Magazine May 2013

Combating reading delay
Katherine Richardsons' (Clements)workshop focused on her intervention programme to develop deaf pupils' reading skills at secondary level. 
BATOD Magazine May 2012

The best options: Is mainstream education falling short for some of out deaf pupils?
Peter Gale, BATOD Magazine March 2012

Aspects of voice measurements with young users of cochlear implants
Adrian Fourcin Ph.D., Evelyn Aberton Ph.D., Katherine Richardson ACS Dip, MRCSLT and Tony Shaw M.Ed, NPQH
Semiars in Hearing/volume 32 number 1  2011

Spoken language and deaf learners
Katherin Richardson, Lesley White
SEN Magazine Issue 50

The use of speech stimuli to elicit aided cortial auditory evoked potentials in teenagers with hearing impairment: performance characteristics, subject consideration and clinical relevance.
Draper THJ, Munro KJ, Van Dun B and Dillon H

Interprofessional Education – Clinicians and  Educators Together
a British Society of Audiology 2020 conference poster presentation.